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Kannaway Coming To Japan | 日本に来る

Japan will open soon

How to ENROLL Brand Ambassadors in Japan 


What you need to know as a Kannaway Brand Ambassador


JAPAN WILL OFFICIALLY OPEN some time between July and October 2019 when the Kannaway backoffice goes live for Japan.


Until then, here’s what you shouldn’t do and what you can do…


Japan will open soon

PRODUCT CAN BE SHIPPED TO JAPAN until the backoffice for Japan goes live.


NO ORDERS CAN BE PLACED FOR CUSTOMERS OR BA’S IN JAPAN until the backoffice for Japan goes live.


NO COMMISSIONS CAN BE PAID TO ANY BA ENROLLED FROM JAPAN until the backoffice for Japan goes live.


NO CUSTOMERS FROM JAPAN CAN BE ENROLLED until the backoffice for Japan goes live.


YES! YOU CAN ENROLL BRAND AMBASSADORS IN JAPAN before the backoffice for Japan goes live by using your mailing address when enrolling the Brand Ambassador who lives in Japan. The Brand Ambassador in Japan who enrolled with you would also have to use your mailing address for enrolling their Brand Ambassadors who live in Japan. The Brand Ambassador Fee is applicable.


YES! YOU CAN BRING SOME PRODUCTS TO JAPAN if you go to Japan before it is officially opened. It should be for personal use only and should not contain any THC (for example, you can bring the salve and Pure Gold which are the key core products being launched in Japan when Japan officially opens).

はい!正式に開封される前に日本に行った場合は、日本に製品を持ち込むことがで きます。個人的な使用のみを目的とし、THCを含んではいけません(たとえば、日本 が正式にオープンしたときに日本で発売される主要なコア製品である軟膏とピュア ゴールドを持参できます)。

YES! FAST START WILL RESET FOR JAPAN BRAND AMBASSADORS when backoffice for Japan goes live and your Brand Ambassador in Japan replaces your mailing address with their correct mailing address in their backoffice.

はい!ファストスタートは 日本のバックオフィスが本番になり日本のブランド大 使がバックオフィスの正しいメーリングアドレスに置き換わると、日本のブランド アンバサダーにリセットされます。

TO CREATE INTEREST WITH JAPANESE CANDIDATES IN USA, EUROPE AND JAPAN, use the resources created for our Team CBD International members that features videos with Japanese subtitles and a downloadable translated Executive Summary found at:

アメリカ,ヨーロッパ,日本での日本人の志望者に対して興味を引き出すために,CBDチームの国際メンバーのために作成したリソースを使用してください。それは,日本語字幕付きのビデオでダウンロード可能な翻訳されているエグゼクテ ィブサマリーで下のアドレスからご覧ください。

Japan will open soon

Japan will open soonJapan will open soonJapan will open soon

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