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Kannaway Japan

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Kannaway Japan

In 2019 the cannabidiol market Japan is officially opened by Kannaway. Be there from the start and build your own Kannaway hemp business. Kannaway will first open the Cannabidiol Market Japan in October 2019 with the following Packs:

Fast Start Jr. Pack ( our Tip )

Basic Start Pack

This Produtcs are avalible in Japan

Pure Gold Hemp Oil [1000mg CBD | 120ml]

Pure Gold Soft Gel Capsules [25mg | 30cap]

Pure Liquid [500mg CBD | 60ml]

SALVE [50mg CBD | 40ml]

Kannaway JapanPaks

What is Kannaway / Japan

Before Kannaway supplies any countries, the company will contact the authorities and see if they can and can deliver the products to the respective countries. One can assume that if they can order the products, everything is allowed so far otherwise Kannaway would not deliver. What is Kannaway / Japan So you can say Kannaway is a company that deals with law and government before it delivers product, even if it takes a while to deliver to a country, when we deliver everything is organized that everything can run smoothly.

How to become a Kannaway Partner in Japan

I would like to partner with Kannaway There are many benefits for the person becoming a partner. There are several ways to get a price advantage at Kannaway, for example. How to become a Kannaway Partner in Japan – you can register as a preferred customer and then get a price advantage that otherwise only have partners – what do I have to do for it? Simply contact a Kannaway partner and say you would like to become a Preferred customer on Kannaway to get the low price. Then you get a link from the chosen partner. Then you look for his products and then ordered them in smartship (montliche automatic delivery) and then you get the cheapest price.

How to become a Kannaway Partner in Japan

If I want to join as a partner, it is similar, you get a link from an existing partner and can then log in as a partner. The registration costs 47,80 € once in return you get in return a whole range of advantages such as the one does not have to take over storage costs or logistics – Kannaway takes care of all these things automatically, you get a back office and it will take over the entire cancellation for you , How to become a Kannaway partner in Japan – quite simply, you actually use the products yourself every day and tell others about your experience.

How to become a Kannaway Partner in Japan

That is exactly the approach we have at Kannaway, we all benefit from the products ourselves and tell other people about our experiences without making any promises of healing, because we can not do that. After all, we are not physicians or have any medical training. We do not want that, because it’s about wellness and lifestyle products. How to become a Kannaway Partner in Japan – Kannaway is a very serious network marketing company which is now among the top 100 Network Marketing Company Worldwide. Kannaway basically builds up a customer and partner network, much like Amazon or other online department stores on a self ordering basis

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Kannaway Japan

我々の使命 | Our Mission Kannaway Japan

私たちの環境のための麻と私たちの健康のための麻からのCBDの重要性について世界を教育すること。この植物を人権として受け入れること。そして他の人々に知識や支​​援を共有して共有する力を与えます。 Kannawayからの高品質な麻およびCBD製品。そして他の人々に知識や支​​援を共有して共有する力を与えます。Kannawayからの高品質な麻およびCBD製品。

To educate the world on the importance of hemp for our environment and CBD from hemp for our health; to embrace this plant as a human right; and to empower others with the knowledge and support to share high-quality hemp and CBD products from Kannaway with others.

Kannaway Japan

Download Opening Japan – The First Steps (English only)

Download the Executive Summary (Japanese & English)

Download How To Enroll Brand Ambassadors in Japan (Japanese & English)


Kannaway Japan – Kannaway Japan – Kannaway Japan

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